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The Healthy Easter Basket

Around our house, we like to keep sugar to a minimum. This doesn’t mean that our kids never eat sugar – it just means that if we can avoid it, we do.  But we love to celebrate – holidays, birthdays, Fridays – any chance we can get.  At Easter, we…

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What is a Naturopathic Doctor? My Definition in a Nutshell.

Whenever I am introduced at a party, it’s usually: This is Julie Durnan, she’s a Naturopathic Doctor. People often act pleasantly surprised to hear what I do for a living: Oh wow, isn’t that interesting! But really, I know they’re just totally confused. Most people have no idea what naturopathic…

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13 Healthy Snacks That Make Your Kids Say YUM

As any parent knows, planning healthy snacks for children can be a struggle.  This is especially true if you are raising a picky eater. It can feel like you’re running a marathon in the search for healthy foods that choosy kids will actually eat.  And forget about trying to artfully design…

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Quinoa Verde: Get Your Kids to Eat their Greens!

This is my kid-friendly quinoa adaptation of Arroz Verde (Mexican green rice) and my favourite way to get my kids to eat their dark green leafy veggies.     Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa ½ cup packed spinach ½ bunch kale ½ cup broccoli tops and stems 2 Tbsp cilantro 1…

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Daily Detox Tea

  This super cleansing tea supports the elimination of toxins through the liver, kidneys, and colon.  It is gentle enough to drink daily and a wonderful adjunct to a seasonal detoxification program. Combine equal parts: Burdock root Dandelion root Fenugreek Ginger Licorice root Peppermint Add 1 Tbsp of herb combination…

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Bringing Sexy Back: How To Liven Up Your Libido After Childbirth

One of the least talked about topics in women’s health is libido, and this is especially true after women give birth. So, in the true spirit of raising awareness on a most important subject, I want to open the flood gates and have a chat about your mojo post-partum – how…

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