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5 Hallowe’en Tricks To Enjoy This Sweet + Scary Time Of Year

Healthy Halloween TipsDing-Dong! Trick or Treat! It’s Hallowe’en!

So what exactly does this mean for us health-minded mamas?

It means family fun!

The health of our children is a top priority, and I’m a big believer that Hallowe’en can be a very fun day. At our house, we enjoy all that Hallowe’en has to offer.

And we don’t overdo it. 

In a nutshell, we don’t keep candy in the house before October 31st. And on the day of Hallowe’en, we dress up for school, enjoy the treats they offer there, dress up at home, then we head out with the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood to knock on doors for treats!

And come November 1st, it’s right back to healthy business as usual. This might sound harsh, but at our house, it’s how we keep our immune systems strong and maintain great health.

I have a few other tricks up my sleeve for maintaining my cool and keeping my children healthy while still allowing them to partake in the sugary festivities.

Here are my top 5 tricks to enjoy this sweet + scary time of year:

1)   Allow your children to enjoy a few treats. Yes, at our house I let my kids eat some candy.

This may seem shocking to some (an ND let’s her children eat candy?!).  I am health minded, eat organic food most of the time, and buy only non-toxic products for our home.

But I am not a total purist. 

I do all that I can to keep my kids healthy all year so that when a day like Hallowe’en arrives, I can relax (read: not become anxious) and know that my children’s health won’t suffer from this one day of candy consumption. This way, we can all have fun!

2)   Take this as an opportunity to talk about listening to your tummy.  Teach your child to listen to the subtle cues that her body is offering. If her tummy is feeling off or if mood changes have begun to occur from sugar-overload, it’s time to put the candy away. You can opt to freeze, donate, trade it in for a favour or gift, or throw it out. It all depends on your parenting choice.

3)   Fill them up before before they sample their wares. Serve up a healthy dinner full of protein, some healthy oils (coconut, olive) and plenty of nutrient-rich veggies. If they’re full when they hit the pavement, they won’t be as inclined to gorge and their blood sugar won’t spike as high when they eat the sweet stuff.

4)   A lesson for all of us: Eat what you enjoy, not just what’s there. This is a huge shift in philosophy for most of us in our culture. Usually more means better. You can use this Hallowe’en as an opportunity to teach your children to eat what they like.

Often children will gorge anything and everything in fear of the bag getting taken away. Resolve to reduce the panic in your children. Say yes. And have a discussion about which candies they actually enjoy and take their time eating those ones.

5)   Enjoy the festivities and the physical activity! Enjoy a healthy walk around your neighbourhood on Hallowe’en night. Remember that your children can get some exercise while marveling at all the decorations and other costumes.  Don’t avoid the hilly parts of your neighbourhood to get those kids moving. An evening walk is a great activity and what this doctor prescribes.

As always, I love to hear from you! Do you have a tip for making Hallowe’en a little less scary for parents? Please share in the comments section below. And please don’t forget to ‘Like’ this post so I know you were here!

Have a spooktacular Hallowe’en, Everyone!

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