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How to Build a Real Food Lunchbox Your Kids Will LOVE

GUEST POST By Sara Bradford Owner of Nourish ~ Real Food, Registered Holistic Nutritionist Coming up with creative and fun ways to fill a lunchbox is a hot topic. As a registered holistic and culinary nutritionist who also happens to be a mom – I probably get asked more often…

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7 Days to Homemade Kombucha

I recently met a lovely family at the clinic – one of the family members was suffering from indigestion. Among other things, I recommend to this patient: “You will really benefit from introducing a fermented drink into your diet everyday. This drink is called Kombucha.” The patient replied: “Gesundeit!”. He…

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5Rs of Healthy Digestion

Your digestive tract, or as I lovingly like to refer to it – your gut, is the foundation for great health. So it makes sense that in order to connect with health, we must first heal the gut. There have been numerous articles written on the subject of the 4Rs…

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Top 10 Signs Your Digestive System Needs Help

Your digestive system is the foundation upon which great health is made. If your digestion is great, chances are, you are in great health. But without proper digestive function, you can end up deficient in crucial vitamins and minerals and your immune system can overreact to certain foods. This can…

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