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Simple Medicine is Almost Here!

Yes! It’s almost here!! Simple Medicine natural health products for women and children are coming very soon. Since this is my first go at creating my own product line, it has been a huge learning experience. There were bound to be obstacles. And there were! But after months of dreaming,…

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7 Things Doctors Don’t Tell New Moms

If you recently had a baby or know and love someone who has, please read on for my medical tips on how to best survive life post-partum. Check out my piece on MindBodyGreen called 7 Things Doctors Don’t Tell New Moms. Please ‘Like’ so I know you were here! And…

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Coping with Stress During Pregnancy: A Naturopathic Approach

One of the most common complaints that I see in my practice everyday is stress. Stress can be of particular concern for pregnant mamas, as there is often the fear that stress experienced is going to affect the health of the baby. For you mamas-to-be, the prenatal environment that you…

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Bringing Sexy Back: How To Liven Up Your Libido After Childbirth

One of the least talked about topics in women’s health is libido, and this is especially true after women give birth. So, in the true spirit of raising awareness on a most important subject, I want to open the flood gates and have a chat about your mojo post-partum – how…

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Green Dream Detox Smoothie

Patients and friends often ask me:  What’s your favourite detox?  The truth is, I prescribe different detoxification programs and cleanses depending on people’s specific needs.  There are some basics, however, that are helpful for most people. One of my juiciest prescriptions is this drink: Green Dream Detox Smoothie.  It’s great…

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Insomnia During Pregnancy: Effective Natural Health Tips for a Restful Sleep

Tired But Wired Pregnant women often come to my clinic first complaining of fatigue and sleepiness. Then invariably, there will be times, when although a momma-to-be finds that her body is tired, she is simply unable to sleep. Insomnia is a very common problem in pregnancy, particularly when there are…

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