Dr Julie Durnan



Dr. Julie is phenomenal! Extremely professional, efficient and caring.  Dr. Julie makes sure her patients are heard and she address every concern brought forth.  Dr. Julie does everything she can to best support her patients on their journey to better health.


I truly cannot say enough about Dr. Julie as my own family’s naturopathic doctor and as my colleague. Dr. Julie is at the top of her game, remaining current with new research, techniques, and treatment protocols and she cares for her patients like they are family.

Dr. Carla Cupido www.drcarlacupido.com
dr julie durnan testimonials

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year before we met Dr. Julie. Dr. Julie put both my husband and I on a plan right away, gave us incredible support and within a few short months, we were pregnant!!  I tell my husband all the time how thankful I am that we met Dr. Julie.  We are confident that without her we may not have received the gift of our healthy, beautiful baby daughter.  I can’t thank Dr. Julie enough. I know that when the time comes for baby #2, she will certainly be part of our journey again.


Dr. Julie has been a shining star throughout my pregnancy – caring for me and guiding me.  And now continues to do so for our family.

Amari Stark www.amaristark.com

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Julie! I was exhausted, anxious, and lethargic with two little kids and a growing business. Dr. Julie helped me regain energy and a love of life that I’d forgotten about. I’m now pregnant with our third child and know I am in the best hands with my health. I have, and would, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Julie to anyone!


I have been really grateful for Dr. Julie’s support and guidance throughout my pregnancy and with my baby.  She can be counted on to be direct and honest with how she sees what is going on.  The support and understanding she have provided has been paramount in me getting through these new experiences without going crazy!  Love you Dr. Julie! Thank you!


What impresses me the most about Dr. Julie is how engaged she is in every one of our conversations. I never feel rushed and I always feel heard.  She has created a space where I can ask her questions, we can try things out and if necessary come up with alternatives to conventional treatments that better fit my lifestyle. For the first time I feel empowered and increasingly confident about my role in my own well being, and I have in large part, Dr. Julie to thank for that.

dr julie durnan testimonials

Dr. Julie is wonderful.  She is truly caring and devotes an incredible amount of time and attention to her patients.  She has helped me to regain a great quality of life,  and a healthful feeling of well being and high energy.


I always feel better after seeing Dr. Julie!  I feel validated and empowered by her warm and energetic personality. And after following her recommendations, I feel much healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. I love that she is a mom herself and really knows what she’s talking about when I bring my son to see her.  I recommend Dr. Julie to all my friends who are looking for a doctor who is both competent and compassionate!

Carmen Bott

“Health is the foundation of performance.” This has been part of my methodology as a Sport Performance Coach for many years. Part of optimizing ones health is having top practitioners in your corner. I choose Dr. Julie to take care of my clients and my family. Her approach is research-driven and fundamental and she always takes time to educate and thus EMPOWER her patients. Prior to becoming pregnant, throughout my pregnancy, and since having my son, Dr. Julie has provided support and advice for my family. I trust her expertise and highly recommend you include her services as part of your long term plan to be as healthy as you can be!

Carmen Bott, Strength & Conditioning Coach www.humanmotion.com