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Simple Medicine is Almost Here!

Yes! It’s almost here!!

Simple Medicine natural health products for women and children are coming very soon.

Since this is my first go at creating my own product line, it has been a huge learning experience. There were bound to be obstacles. And there were!

But after months of dreaming, planning, creating, testing, and designing, the products are on their way to you! And they are coming soon.

Simple Medicine products will be officially launched in mid Spring 2014!

I can’t wait to show you!

These natural products for women and children will boost immune systems, support detox, balance hormones, and support prenatal health.

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Dr Julie Durnan


  1. tonya says:

    Im excited to try your products. I have so many diagnosed health issues that revolve around my hormones, such as adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, cfs/ fm, depression,ptsd,  etc. On top of 2 spinal surgeries that I hardly ever feel well. 
    Since so many hormone imbalances mock illness..and or cause it…is there any specific steps to take or should I just keep adding supplements I read about to my mix of meds? 
    I would LOVE to see a doctor like you but I can’t afford it. 

  2. Dr. Julie Durnan says:

    Thank you, Tonya! I’m thrilled to hear you’re looking forward to Simple Medicine. It’s coming soon, I promise 🙂
    If you are taking a number of supplements and medications, you’d be wise to have a doctor review everything to make sure there are no interactions. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well. If you have extended health care, licensed naturopathic doctors’ visits are usually covered under your plan. Even just an initial visit could be so beneficial to you to get yourself on the right track with your medicines. If you need a referral to someone great in your area – I’m happy to help.

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